Home Mover Kits

Home Mover Kits

Home Mover Kits are the only products available online

Pricing is incl. VAT

In branch pricing is as follows:

- Home Mover Kit - R1200.00 incl. VAT - In store only

- Mini Mover Kit - R675.00 incl. VAT - In store only

If you require any other products then please view our Branch list for your closest branch.

Online pricing is as follows

If online ordering is selected and is within 50Km of city centers being Roodepoort CBD or Capetown then please select "Per Item" shipping option once on checkout which is R200 extra on the standard in branch selling price.

*Should delivery be further than 50km from Roodepoort CBD or Cape Town city centers, then please select flat shipping rate option for R1000.00 extra during checkout.

Goods will be released for packing only after payment reflects into our account, which can take up to 3 working days.  Deliveries are within seven working days of reflected payment, i.e. units ordered on Friday afternoon, 6pm, will only be processed 8am Monday morning and await clearance of payment.  Once all cleared, the order shall be allocated to the day and area for delivery.

(If a product is out of stock that is used to pack the Mover kit, the order will be delayed until stock arrives)

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